- Height adjustable dirt bike lift stand.
- Non step height adjust system fits under most dirt bikes,from 65cc to full size dirt bikes.
- Stand comes with hydraulic damper to eliminate the shock when lifting down the stand.
- Jack foot pedal is designed for easy operation.
- Non-slip rubber top plate lifts the bike securely.
- Available compact and wide type top plate.
- H shape stand base provides grate stability.
- Adjustable Height range : 250 mm to 350 mm
- Body Size : W300mm x D330mm x H420mm
- Material : Steel
- Color : Black
- Max Weight : 150kgs (300lb)

A1360 MX Lift Stand w/o Damper A1364 MX Lift Stand w/o Damper
Plate Size Compact W58mm x D263mm Plate Size Wide W150mm x D275mm
Weight 5.7kg Weight 6.9kg
A1981 MX Stand Rep. Damper
Size W210mm x D25mm
Weight 350 g