- It works for different nipple sizes with the front and rear wheels as well, designed to an easy-to-use length matched to the nipple.
- It cuts 6 mm thickness steel material with high precision wire cut, and it is hardly strip screw thread even at a high load.
- It fits also to Z WHEEL aluminum nipple and EXCEL spline nipple.

P4321 Spoke Wrench 4.4/5.0 L:130mm CRF125F 14-, XTZ125 04-, SEROW250 FRONT 05-
P4322 Spoke Wrench 5.6/5.8 L:130mm CRF250L/M/RALLY 12-,CRF150R 07-,RM85 04-,YZ80/85 94-, XT250X 06-,TRICKER 04-
P4323 Spoke Wrench 5.6/6.0 L:130mm WR250R/X 08-,KLX250/D-TRACKER/X 98-,KX85 98-,KLX125/D-TRACKER125 10-,CRF1000L 16-
P4325 Spoke Wrench 6.0/6.6 L:150mm KX250F/450F 08-,CRF250/450/X/RX 02-
P4326 Spoke Wrench 6.2/6.6 L:150mm RMZ250/450 04-,DRZ400SM 04-,YZ125/250/X 99-,YZ250/450F/FX, Z-WHEEL AR1 WHEEL/ALMINIUM NIPPLE
P4328 Spoke Wrench 7.0/EXCEL L:150mm KTM SX/SXF/EXC/EXCF 85-530 09-,EXCEL SPLINE NIPPLE